A gift from a special guest

Our guest John gave to us some of the pictures that he took on board a few days ago, while cruising to Amalfi Coast.

We think they are some of the most beautiful sailing pictures ever.

But that’s what John said: “Sailing pictures are only one element of the Whitefin fascination – more important is the experience on board: the atmosphere when anchoring in a bay at night, the exploration of little known destinations, the spirit of the Mediterranean…”

Pontine Islands

Whitefin cruising the Pontine Islands on charter. The archipelago, off the west coast of Italy, is the result of volcanic activity. The islands were used by the Etruscans who carved the “Blue Grottos”. Tiny vineyards, wild herbs and flowers, and secluded beaches and grottos make these islands a fascinating destination.

Faraglioni - Capri